Walcan unveils new Sakari brand of Johnstone Strait wild sockeye salmon.

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Sakari salmon is the next level of premium sockeye salmon to come out of Johnstone Strait.

This body of water located on the northern tip of Vancouver Island has long been known to be the home of the world’s finest wild sockeye salmon. Its rich oil content and bright red colour mean that this fish packs a serious nutritional punch, which also translates to extremely mouthwatering flavour.

Walcan’s prestigious Sakari sockeye salmon are harvested before they leave the Johnstone Strait — at their peak nutritional content — and processed and cleaned only by hand. So while regular Johnstone Strait salmon may be the best raw material out there, our strict non-automated processing method ensures that our salmon are turned into an absolutely better-than-best finished product. And we’re proud to call that Sakari.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it. Contact us today to talk about how Sakari can make your market or restaurant stand out from the rest!