Retort Salmon

Convenient and delicious retort processed salmon pouches.

Walcan Seafood was the first seafood processor in BC to turn smoked salmon into thermally processed fillets in a gold foil pouch. Our smoked salmon pouches are made to retain the nutrient-rich oils from the fish, which are what give the meat it’s great taste, and can be complimented by flavours from various recipes. The pouches are shelf stable for 5 years and have no cold, or other special, storage requirements.

The top-notch quality of our salmon, process and employees is what makes Walcan Seafood’s salmon pouches superior to the rest. Our fish is always responsibly sourced from local areas known for producing fish teeming with high oil-content. During processing we do not use any automated processing equipment in our FDA and CFIA registered facility and, instead, rely on the meticulous, expert and experienced hands of our team, many with with decades of experience.

Retort salmon pouches are quickly becoming popular from hors d’oeuvres and heat serve meals to holiday gifts and on-the-go snacks. In addition to traditional smoked recipes, Walcan also infuses premium ingredients and gourmet sauces with our fresh caught salmon. These include Canadian maple syrup, BC ice wine, red curry, chipotle, tomato basil and Korean barbecue. You can choose from one of our recipes, or supply your own to build your product line.

Packaging can also be personalized to your needs. Walcan can deliver unpackaged, or ‘bright’, pouches for you to repack in your own packaging or we can assemble final packages with your supplied boxes, sleeves or labels. If you do not have a brand, you can choose from Walcan’s house brand or we can work with you to create your own branded product line.



Retort food preparation and packaging technology was developed in the 1970’s and is used in food manufacturing today more than ever before. It is a process very similar to canning, but instead of a can, a flexible and durable foil pouch made from a laminate of robust and resilient materials is used as the container. These pouches possess the same characteristic of long-term shelf stability as their cylindrical canning cousin, making them an ideal product for store shelves or pantry storage at home.