BC Spot Prawns are a true delicacy, and found only on our beautiful West Coast shores.

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Prawn season: it’s one of our favourite times of year here at Walcan! Starting in May and lasting through June, it’s an extremely busy time for us. We began harvesting BC Spot Prawns in 2001 and have since become one of the largest producers in Canada of this sought-after delicacy.

Spot Prawns are known for their sweet flavour and nice firm texture, which makes them very desirable for Japanese sushi dishes, although they can be found in many other restaurants besides sushi bars. Most of the time, spot prawns are caught mere hours before landing on a plate at some of Vancouver’s top high-end restaurants!

Wild-caught, fresh BC Spot Prawns are a delicious and healthy alternative to overly-processed tiger prawns which can contain up to 30 different types of antibiotics. Our spot prawns are processed in a way that ensures not only their quality, but the utmost freshness as well.

We currently sell our BC Spot Prawns exclusively to international markets, mainly Japan, China, and the United States.

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