Spot Prawns

BC Spot Prawns delivered at the peak of freshness.

BC Spot Prawns, also known as Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp), are a treasured delicacy that are enjoyed in restaurants around the world. They are especially sought after by Japanese sushi bars because BC Spot Prawns have a distinct sweet taste and firm texture, unlike any other prawn.

Walcan first packed Spot Prawns for exclusive Asian markets in 2001, and has been one of the top producers in Canada ever since. Our specialized prawn processing and delivery methods ensure that only the freshest, and highest quality, Spot Prawns are shipped to our customers.

All of our prawn production is currently sold to international markets, including China, Japan and the United States.



In 1974 Walcan began as a small, seasonal herring processor located on Quadra Island, BC, offering bait herring to the local fisheries. Since then, we have grown into a large volume North American seafood processor and distributor operating year round, with a product lineup that includes retort salmon, bait herring, BC spot prawns, salmon roe and sockeye salmon, as well as custom seafood processing services. One thing that has never changed throughout the years is our prime location to fresh seafood, and our focus on quality and sustainability.