Wild Salmon

For every type of salmon, we can help you with processing and distribution.

Our primary salmon production consists of wild sockeye, pink and chum, with the occasional chinook and coho coming through the plant. We also process and distribute our own brand of premium Johnstone Strait wild sockeye salmon.

Johnstone Straight Sockeye Salmon has become the standard that all other salmon are measured by. Rich in flavour and tradition, this Canadian national treasure helped define the West Coast of Canada with canneries and fishing plants dotting the coast up until the mid-1970’s. Walcan first processed sockeye salmon in the late 70’s and sockeye season is one of our favourite times of year! In 2010, British Columbia enjoyed a record sockeye season, where Walcan alone processed and froze over 2 million pounds of fish.

Our sockeye, chum and pink salmon products can be sold to fresh markets throughout the west coast, frozen for shipment overseas, used for retort products or even filleted and vacuum packed for freshness. Walcan takes pride in its involvement with the commercial fishing industry in British Columbia.



In addition to traditional salmon processing, we provide a wide variety of salmon roe processing options as well. Salmon roe is also known as “red caviar” in Europe and “ikura” in Japan. Walcan has worked with our extensive customer base to develop many custom shoyu recipes and marinades. These include salted roe and marinaded products which are sold all over North America, China, Japan and Europe.


For local farmers, we offer the capability and expertise to process various types of salmon and seafood.
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